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Network and Data Security

When you own a business there is a lot to consider when it comes to the security of your data; viruses and malware, hackers, employee sabotage, the list goes on.  Don't fall victim to data breaches with a security audit from BTS.


BTS has extensive experience with many facets of network security appliances from companies that provide solutions for larger corporations.  How does this benefit you, the small business owner?  We take large proven concepts and scale them down to a much smaller and affordable platform.  Your data could contain private customer information that we can keep where it belongs - inside your network!

We provide and manage quality firewalls, routers, switches and access points from Cisco, Juniper, HP, Netgear, Sonic Wall - the same names the big guys use!


BTS will verify that network security policies have been implemented effectively by pinpointing breaches in defenses such as open ports and misconfigured Access Control Lists.  If your particular industry requires privacy compliancy such as HIPAA and FISMA we will ensure your network is up to date.

Monitoring Room
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