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Wireless Solutions

Communication Without Wires

BTS offers many options when it comes to expanding networks.  Wireless technology has quickly become a cost effective solution for connecting multiple buildings, creating hotspots and guest networks and even  connecting resources to distant locations within line of sight.


Wireless backhauls are useful if buildings are too far apart for costly copper or fiber connections.  If your buildings can see each other, a wireless backhaul solution can provide up to 300Mbps of connectivity to the remote site up to 30 miles away!  BTS will perform a site survey to see if a wireless solution is feasible.  We have extensive experience with long shot wireless networks - try getting that with a "geek" service.

Hotspots and Access Points

BTS also has vast experience with wireless expansion coverage.  Do you have a wireless router that seems to lose connectivity in certain parts of your office?  We have the know-how to cover these "dead zones" and keep connectivity throughout a complex. 

Have customers that need Internet access when they're at your location?  We can create wireless guest hotspots to accommodate those situations and provide a free customer convenience or as a means to generate extra revenue.  This service is great for restaurants and hotels!

Dish Antenna
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