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Remote Support

Work From Anywhere!

BTS can create secure remote connections for owners and employees that tie directly into the office network.  There are a variety of solutions and methods to get the job done.  Let's investigate a couple of scenarios...

Scenario 1:  Office Employees

We can create secure access to an employee's PC at the office wherever they have an Internet connection.  This remote session gives them complete desktop access to their PC just like they were sitting in front of it.  This is useful for employees that want to work late, but not be tied to the office.  Perhaps they have a sick child and need to stay home.  Remote desktop access solves this problem of lost work productivity due to employee absences.

Scenario 2:  Outside Sales Employees

Outside sales employees usually don't have in-office workstations and rely on laptops or tablets to get their job done.  What if all inside network resources were available to them whenever they needed it?  BTS can create direct file and print share access into the network to accomodate.  It can allow for sending documents to a printer in the appropriate department, access to files and programs as if it were a workstation on location, have instant access to pricing, the list goes on.  Outside employees become no longer "outside".

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