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Network Services

Are You Connected?

Your business network is a crucial part of day to day operations. Everything you do; Internet surfing, printing, file sharing and backups all talk through the maze of wires that is your network. Is it secure from outside invaders? Do you have the correct configuration to get to the resources you need? Is it fast? These questions can be answered by allowing us to evaluate the way your network has been built.


Safe and Secure

At BTS, we take the confusion out of the complexities of network administration. Our technicians have years of experience and certification with the majority of corporate level networking equipment from Cisco, Juniper, Sonic Wall, and Netgear just to name a few. If it needs to be secure we can handle that. If your company deals with private customer information we can make sure to safeguard your data against various forms of attack. 

For Growing Businesses

Expanding your office? 

We can provide cabling services to handle your additional servers, workstations and printers. 

Have laptops and/or tablets? 

We can install secure wireless hotspots to make sure everyone that's on the go is connected. 

Have multiple office locations? 

We can connect separate branch offices together as if they are at one physical location that bring file sharing and printing convenience to your finger tips. 

Digital Design
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