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Internet Services

Internet Is A Business Commodity

The Internet has become just as important to businesses as water, power and telephone.  Without a web presence your business can quickly be left in the virtual dust. 

We're here to help!

Domain Registration and Management

Does your business have it's own domain name and corporate e-mail? If not, we can assist you with getting a web domain registered (i.e.: and get e-mail setup for employees with your corporate domain name.

It definately looks more professional to your customers to receive an e-mail from versus a free account like Yahoo or Gmail. BTS can host and manage your e-mail and website on our own in-house servers, not some third party. When a change needs to be made it's quick and painless.

Data Cloud

Website Development

Does your company have a web site? If you do, great! We offer maintenance and content update packages for your existing site.

No site? No problem. We offer custom or template based web site design services at reasonable prices. Single to multiple page sites are not a problem. Like what you see here on our site? It was completely developed by our in-house team.

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